New Love

So I have a new love, it all started out with a Christmas gift from a consultant and or friend. I say that because we aren’t sure if it was the consultant, or our friend that introduced my wife to the consultant. At this point I’m sure you’re wondering what I’m talking about, well, it’s rhe lularoe craze!!

I currently own an elegant carly, 2 perfect t’s, an irma, and 8 pair of leggings.

The best part? I haven’t paid retail for any of them! I have either won them, got a discount, or someone gave them to me for whatever reason. Best. Feeling. Ever. I hate splurging on myself so I love being able to have stuff like this without breaking the bank! If you haven’t tried any of them I highly suggest it!


To Do List

I’ve been looking at some different articles, one of which is titled “19 lists to make when life gets overwhelming” and well, at this point I would say life is beyond overwhelming. I’ve decided to make some of these lists, and the first one is your to do list. So here it goes!

  • Clean up the living room
  • Do the dishes
  • Take out the trash
  • Clean the litter box
  • Catch the crazy cat
  • Organize Hudsons clothes 
  • Put my clothes up!
  • Clean the fish tank out
  • Mail out a few orders
  • Get Hudson’s shots
  • Meal prep
  • Get Kristen another care package ready
  • Take a bath


So I’m really struggling, I knew 100% that Kristen had me spoiled. But honestly I didn’t realize just how bad it was until now. And I don’t necessarily mean spoiled as in all the things she’s bought for me, but the things she did for me. The small things that you appreciate but never really speak up about or even think to say thank you for. Those are the things that mean the most, and the things I miss the most at this point. The nights that she would simply turn the light off before bed, or run downstairs to do everything so that I could go to bed with her, or run me a bath and set everything up. I love her to death and wish she was home to do these things for me. But I wish more than ever that she was home so I could do these things for her.

5 Current Goals

So I know I have quite a few deployment goals and those will probably tie in just a little to this post. But aside from that I have some personal goals I plan on getting through, hopefully soon!

  1. Lose this last 30 pounds!!
  2. Make it through this deployment. 
  3. Stop caring what other people think of me. 
  4. Be more hands on with Hudson. 
  5. Learn to really and truly love myself.

Make Up Bag Must Haves

So in case no one has noticed, I’m doing going to start doing a monthly challenge so that I post at least once a day! Today’s post is about what is in my make up bag. Truth be told, I don’t have one! I have a toiletry bag that I pack every now and then but that doesn’t happen often. As for make up I have 3 essentials and that’s literally it. If and when I wear make up I only wear eye liner, mascara, and lip stick. Lately I have become absolutely obsessed with lipsense. If you haven’t tried it you’re completely missing out!! It’s kind of expensive so I only have one color right now but I definitely plan on splurging before Kristen gets home. Can’t be smearing lipstick all over her when she gets back right?!

On another note, we are officially 1 week down!!!! It’s not much but it’s one week closer!!!

Tattoos And Piercings

I loooove tattoos! I don’t have near enough at this point, I have 3 but want so many more. I would love a sternum piece and definitely a thigh piece. I have had my ears pierced since I was like 3 months old and I’m still butt hurt because I got my nose pierced about a month or two ago, darn thing came out and I never got it back in. So with that being said, these afore my tattoos! Each has afore special meaning to me. ❤

This flower is my own spin on the “lily of the valley”(it’s normally white) which is the flower for the birth month of May. I got this for my papaw and his birthday was May 24th! I got it almost 7 years ago!

The next tattoo I got was for my mamaw and I’ve had it for around 4 years. It’s in my own hand writing and represents her long fight with breast cancer.

My most recent tattoo, I seriously haven’t even had it a year yet, was for me! At this point I had lost a lot of weight with no plan of stopping anytime soon! It stands for change over time, while it took me a long time to get there I’m finally changing into the person I always knew I was meant to be. 

Recent Trip

Holy cow, so I just realized I never made a post about our cruise! Who am I?! So back in October I went on the most amazing vacation ever with the dear wifey. We went on a Carnival cruise to Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel. My mom kept Hudson for the week, we had planned on driving but decided last minute to fly. So we drove our butts to Baltimore to fly to Miami!! The cruise ship itself was absolutely amazing, everything you could ever need was there. The food was great, the pools were nice, and we even managed to get a couples massage!
Ocho Rios, Jamaica 

First stop, Jamaica!! I’ve always talked about how bad I wanted to go to Jamaica and finally, I made it! We walked off the ship and I almost cried, I seriously couldn’t believe we were actually there. First stop? Dunn’s River Falls! 180 foot waterfall that you hike up, just in case you didn’t know. I was scared to death! I’ve never been much of a hands on, outdoorsy, active person, so I told myself there was no way I would ever make it to the top. Well boy was I wrong, with everyone helping each other up to the top it was actually pretty easy. We stopped a few times to sit under different little water falls, even slid down one of the big rocks like a slide! It was an absolute blast! By the time we got to the top I was ready to go absolutely gain! After we were picked up by our driver we asked for jerk chicken, and boy did he deliver. It. Was. Amazing!! We even tried their fried beef pastry things(I don’t remember what they were called), they were actually delicious!! After eating we shopped and headed to the public beach before heading back to the ship. It was by far my favorite port!

Grand Cayman

And just like that we were on to the next stop, the beautiful Cayman Islands!! We didn’t want to over do it on our trip so we had only planned on visiting the turtle farm. Did I mention that to go to Grand Cayman you have to be tendered in? Meaning smaller boats come get you to take you into port. The water was absolutely stunning! The turtle farm was actually kinda sad and boring haha. I mean it was neat don’t get me wrong, but after hiking the day before and having a blast it just wasn’t the same. You’re allowed to stand in the tanks with the turtles and catch them for a picture. Well they hated me, every time I would almost grab it, they would flap their arms. And good lord are those things fast and it kinda hurts. Ever been slapped by a sea turtle? Well I have and it wasn’t nice haha. We had lunch there and it honestly wasn’t all that great but we didn’t even care haha. After leaving we took the public transportation to Seven Mile Beach and just lounged around the rest of the day. Though next time we will do some sort of water activity, I’m thinking parasailing myself! It was overall a beautiful place!!

Cozumel, Mexico

Our last, and final stop before heading back to Miami was Cozumel. I was super excited because I had heard such amazing things. We went to this little private beach(that I don’t remember that he name of right off) and it was beautiful. The only downside? Which to some isn’t a downside at all! The fish! Holy cow. I didn’t like it!!! If you want to snorkel that’s the place to go. It was so bad that this massive fish came up to Kristen and was nibbling on her shirt. It was seriously 2 feet long! I got out of the water crazy fast. Needless to say we spent the rest of the time in the pool. We got some authentic mexican food, it was good but pretty simple. Before leaving we did a quick tequila tasting, smoothest darn tequila EVER! Looking back I wish we had bought some. Before we left we went shopping, the art in mexico is beautiful.i absolutely loved all the hand painted stuff and can’t wait to go back to buy a sugar skull!

We were absolutelt not ready to go home after Mexico. We did all sorts of stuff on the boat and had an absolute blast. I cant wait for our next cruise!